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rue halab 14, gueliz marrakech


monday to saturday: 10 - 20.00

sunday: closed

Mon, 12/4/2023

sprmrkt Marrakech 2023: A Dazzling Showcase of Art

From November 16th to 19th, Marrakech played host to the third edition of sprmrkt, the marrakech independent art market that unfolded across two locations, kartell kollektiv and folks & clans, situated on the rue halab in gueliz. This cultural extravaganza marked the first venture of sprmrkt outside Germany, creating a platform for 23 talented artists to showcase their creativity through over 160 captivating works of art.

The heart of sprmrkt Marrakech was undoubtedly the 23 participating artists, each bringing their unique perspective and artistic flair to the exhibition. The diverse group of creators spanned various mediums, including painting, digital art, and installations. The fusion of local Moroccan artists contributed to a dynamic showcase, reflecting the global nature of art.

The decision to host sprmrkt in Marrakech marked a significant step towards fostering cultural exchange. The event served as a bridge between the artistic communities, creating a platform for dialogue and collaboration. This cultural exchange not only enriched the local art scene but also created opportunities for artists to connect and inspire one another across borders.